Lutron and Savant - controlling Audio via lutron Keypads

Can you Control Volume for any Service via a Lutron Homeworks Keypad?

Yes, a Lutron keypad acting as an input trigger can trigger Savant volume control commands. (Note - this can be used to trigger other commands as well.)

This is how it is executed in Blueprint using a Lutron Homeworks Controller.

1. Go to "Tools" in the Blueprint menu bar and select "Review State Triggers."

2. A screen titled “Triggers for…” with “Trigger 0” under “Trigger.” Rename “Trigger 0” something practical like “VolumeUp” and add under “Description” whatever seems appropriate.

3. Now with “VolumeUp” highlighted, move to the "Transitions Conditions" section. (This is where the input condition is defined in order to trigger the internal event - “Volume up.”)
a. Select the + sign and a new table will drop down. Select the "Component" tab and then select the component that controls the action. In this case it is the Lutron lighting controller. b. Under “State Name,” choose the event (i.e. keypad button press) that the Savant System will receive from the component (i.e. keypad) and create the test condition. In the case of a Lutron Homeworks controller, select RawKeypadButtonState.  c. Under “Value,” fill out any addresses necessary for the button, such as Processor Number, Link Number, etc....

d. Lastly, turning to the two drop down menus on the bottom left, make sure the top menu is set to “String,” the bottom menu is set to “Equal,” and in the box next to “String” enter “Pressed”.

e. When finished, click “Add” on the lower left hand corner. This will bring you back to the “Triggers for…” screen. 4. Now you need to define the action to your trigger.
a. Press “Choose” in the bottom left hand corner of that screen. If you want the button to integrate with a particular service in a particular zone, under “Service” select the service you want the button to integrate with (e.g. Kitchen –  System 2 - …iTunes Digital Audio Service). On the hand, if you want to make it effective on any active service in that zone, select the “Zone Request” box. b. Next, under “Request" choose the State being used - in this case “VolumeUp.”

c. When finished, press “Choose.”

5. Now repeat steps 1-6 in order to create “VolumeDown.”

6. Your Lutron keypad is now enabled to control volume. (Please note that for this to work with Lutron WIRELESS keypads the button needs to be programmed in Illuminations to be a "dual action" button.)


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