SmartMedia and host controller

If I have a Smartmedia controller, I only need either an SVR-3100 or an SVR3100 don't I? and this will provide me with 7 Itunes streams?
Do the Digital audio inputs get converted to be sent to the "Stereo" Analogue zones?


For the SmartMedia SSM-3100 to be used in a system you need to add a SVR-3100 and an optional RCK-3000 rack-mount kit. The SVR-3100 operates as both host and OSD graphics server. The connection from the SVR-3100 to the SSM-3100 is made via HDMI, which also carries 4 stereo streams of audio from the iTunes media server.

At present the SSM-3100 doesn't support surround decoding so all audio inputs must be analog L/R or PCM.

If a 2nd OSD is required use either the OSD-1010 or the SVR-3000 + SSV-1000


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