Multiple Services - One Zone

This is a tutorial showing you how you list your displays/speakers in the services column on the iPad, and using the popover selector to choose the source for that display/speaker. This is a simple, yet possibly time consuming configuration.



Step One:

First you want to allow independent services in the zone. Click on the zone you wish to implement this in and inspect it, and check the "Allow Independent Services" box:



Doing this will generate MANY new services. If you are using HDMI displays and separate speakers, you will get a service for every possible combination of video and audio. You will need to take some time and filter out any of the generated services that do not line up with the way you want your services to work.


Step Two:

 In the user screens on your iOS devices, you need to create a service button for each display/speaker you want to control. This button will be created on the “Service Selector” page under the “Non-Service-based” section of your zone:


Once you have created your button, you need to change its group. Under the “Button iPad Properties” section, change the “Button Group Name”, and check “Group Icon” and “Hide in Popover” as shown below:



Step Three:

 Now you need to take each service that has been generated for each display/speaker and change the “Button iPad Properties”. Change the “Button Group Name” to be the same as the group you previously set for the display/speaker button.



Thats it, Simple! The popover menus are automatically created by RPM and are non-customizable. Upload your new config to your host and see it in action!


A small tip:

If you have many displays/speakers, you will have many services as well. This can get confusing when it comes to putting the correct service to the correct screen/speaker. Make sure you set the alias for each service to reflect the display/speaker they will be going to. (be sure to leave the first lot of services as they are or this will change the service name for all of your zones). To help out with grouping your services, i find it quite useful to lay our your service icons according to their groups as shown below:


If anyone has any further questions on this topic, please ask.


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