To Flip OSD and iOS screens to a gate camera from doorbell trigger

How do you make all of your screens flip to the security camera when someone presses the doorbell? Simple!

First you need to create your workflow to make all the screens that you would like to flip, flip. You would generally create this workflow under the zone that your doorbell is located in, under the General Programable Services section:


Inside this workflow, you can make each device do what you need it to. If you want your TVs to turn on, you would insert the Power On command from the TVs workflow for the TV/s you want to turn on(if the TVs are already on, make sure that you have discrete codes for on and off so that you are not turning them off again, or build this into a different state trigger using preconditions) any iOS devices, or OSDs you want to to 'flip' and show the cameras you would insert the "Switch Screen" work flow for each screen you want to flip:


NOTE: If you are unable to select any of the options from the dropdown boxes, Use the "Use Config..." button to load the most recent blueprint file you have for your project.

Once you have finished your workflow, save it. Now all you have to do is create your state trigger for the doorbell (use the same state that you have used to run your audio interrupt trigger ie: contact closure).

Now, How do we return these screens to the previously shown one after a period of time? Again, Simple! 

We need to create another workflow which will use the "Switch Screen" workflow again. This time we will be choosing the screen "Active Service or Home".
For the 'time delay' there is a document on the Savant Support portal HERE that you can read to set up the time delay. 


If you have any questions or anything to add to this, please feel free to comment, or send us an email at


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