Lutron and Savant - Creating a Mute toggle button on the Lutron keypad

I can control my audio from my lutron keypad, but now I want a single button to act as a Mute Toggle. How do I do this?


Please be sure to have already read and understood the post about setting up the audio controls from Lutron:


The easiest way to set up this solution is by using two state triggers. You will again need to know the button number for the "pressed" state. The difference here is that we are going to use the Preconditions. When you want to Mute the zone, you want to set the precondition to "IsMuted = False", and when you want to unMute the zone set the precondition to "IsMuted = True". See the screen shot bellow:

This is an example of how to Mute the zone:


To unMute the zone you would simply reverse the Pre-Condition to True or 1, and run the MuteOff work flow.


Making the LED on the Lutron Keypad follow the Mute Status (optional)

If you want the LEDs on the Lutron Keypads to follow the mute status (off for mute off and on for mute on) You need to create two custom work flows to turn the LED on and off:



You also need to create a work for to turn the LED off, simply copy the above image, but replace the 1 in the LEDState to 0.

Now you need to create two more state triggers for LEDon and LEDoff. These will use the state "IsMuted" and the boolean values 1 (on) or 0 (off). You want to run the appropriate workflows for each state, run LEDon for IsMuted =1 and run LEDoff for IsMuted =0. See Below for an example:


Simply reverse the IsMuted state to 0, and change the work flow to LEDoff for your other work flow to turn the LED off.


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