Switch an iOS device to another zone with a custom service button.

This tutorial will show you how to create a custom button that appears in the services list and which will allow you to directly select a particular zone instead of using the zone selection popover.


In this example we will create a custom workflow and button to switch from the “Theatre” zone to the “Living room” zone.


1>Click "Generate Services".



2> Select the starting zone where you would like to create the custom button (in this case “Theatre”) and locate "General Programmable Requests".

Create a custom workflow and name it "Switch2Living".



3> Double click the new workflow to open it for editing. Add a "Switch Screen" function to your workflow.

Set the "Touchpanel" property to reflect the iOS device you wish to act on.

Set the "Zone" property to the NEXT zone you want displayed on the iOS device. In this case the “Living Room”.

Leave the "Screen and "Service" properties set to "None".

Save the workflow and close automator.



7> In your system configuration, locate the iOS device where you would like to create the custom button, select it and open the Inspector window.

Locate the "Service Selector" screen in the "Theatre" zone. The screen where we create the button MUST be in the SAME ZONE as our custom workflow.

In this case we are using the “Service Selector” screen because we want the button to appear in the right side bar with all the other service buttons.

Drag a "Red", "Blue" or other "Push **** Services Button onto your screen and name it. Here we have used the name “Switch2Living” for obvious reasons.



8> Select the new button to show it's properties in the inspector window.

Under the "Service Bindings" section, if you see a drop down selector, set the "Service Identifier" to "General Programmable Service Requests".

Otherwise type SVC_GEN_GENERIC into the service bindings property box.

Set the "Zone" property to the starting zone name (“Theatre” in this case) NOT the next zone.

Set the "Source Component Name" property to the name of the System Host.

Set the "Service Variant" property to "1".


The following can be applied to the "Push", "Release" or “Hold” actions.


Assign the value “activeOrLastActiveServiceScreen” to show the currently active service in the next zone.

Assign an appropriate value to the "Next Zone Name". In this example we assigned “Living Room” to this property.

Set the "Push Command", “Release Command” or "Hold Command" to call our custom workflow "Switch2Living".



Feel free to change assign a new icon to your new button in the usual manner.

Save your System Configuration and upload it.




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