Custom 3X3 Security Camera Page

Supported by Emersive Theme Manager application!

Getting Savant to show 9 cameras on the Security Camera page

So, your customer is asking you if you are able to have more than the default 4 camera thumbnails appear when they hit their cameras button. Sure you say, but it will require some page modifications etc. Yeah.., this is easily done by modifying the Security page and shrinking and duplicating the windows and so on - BUT what if the URLs of the cameras change because they have been replaced, or firmware updated? You have to go though and update all the URL settings of each camera on every page of every UI device MANUALLY. Well..


We can configure a blueprint theme so that it will dynamically populate a 3X3 array of cameras on your Security page! No more manually editing screens and manually updating URLs. All you will need to do is change the URL in the camera component on your layout, update UI screens and its done.

Here is a screenshot of what the 3X3 camera array looks like on your iPad:



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    Ian Brown

    Is this 3x3 option instead of the 2x2 or an additional screen?

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    Permanently deleted user

    Hi Ian,


    This 3x3 option is a replacement for the current 2x2 screen. Its a theme modification what will overwrite the existing 2x2 setup.

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    Colin McIsaac

    Where do we find the blueprint theme to do this?

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