Emersive Custom Screens and Themes (Emersive Theme Manager)

Emersive Theme Manager Application:

Emersive have now released their Theme Manager application. This app will build and customise your themes for you with a few clicks of your mouse. This is the new preferred method of keeping your themes up-to-date.

Please download the latest version here:  Download

Processed Themes will be stored in your Custom Themes folder. The folder is set in RacePoint Blueprint preferences.


Please continue to read the document ONLY if the Emersive Theme Manager Application is not sufficient for your needs!

Bellow is the 'Savant' method for creating and maintaining your themes(kept for references):

Manually creating a custom theme & Injecting custom screens and buttons

As of release 5.1 Savant no longer allows the editing of RacePoint Themes. This method should be adopted by everyone as soon as possible - even if you are running an earlier version!


First thing you will need to do is create your custom themes. You will need at least one custom screen for each of the following Savant themes:

Pad1 - Original iPad theme
iPad Retina - The new iPad retina theme
Touch1 - iPhone/iPod theme
TouchRemote1 - SSR Theme

 When you name your new themes, I would recommend that you keep the same basic name structure:

iPad Retina_CompanyName

If you are making a theme for a specific customer, replace your company name with the customer or project names.

To create your custom themes:

  1. In RacePoint, open the Theme Manager (Tools > Themes > Manage Themes)
  2. You will be defaulted to the "Add" Screen of the Themes Manager, click the "Create" button to enter Theme Creation.
  3. On this screen, from the 'New Theme Name' drop down box, select the Savant Theme you want to copy
  4. Now in that same window, type the name you want to give to your new theme
  5. Personally I set the 'Type' to Regular but this can also be set to Sub Theme. 
        If you want to know the differences please see the dealer portal - you must be logged in before following these link:
  6. Now click "Copy" and you have just created your custom theme.
  7. Repeat this for each theme that you need to create.


Injecting Emersive's .psd files into your custom themes:

  1. Click the 'Add' button at the top of the Theme Manager window. 
  2. From the drop down box choose the theme you are wanting to import your file to (eg. Pad1_CompanyName, iPad Retina_CompanyName etc..)
  3. Now choose what you are importing, Screen or Button.
  4. Now choose the .psd file
  5. The information should be automatically populated in the rest of the boxes in the window - DO NOT touch this auto populated information (unless the information appears to be incorrect .. e.g. Service Type is 'Non-Service' for a SatelliteTV when it should be Satellite TV Service)
  6. Click 'Add' and repeat steps 4 - 6 for each screen you want to inject. You will be prompted with a Screen Resolution warning- This is normal. Just accept the warning and carry on.
  7. Once you have injected the .psd files click 'Done' - You may get some satelliteTv/cableTv Audio errors, this is normal.
  8. Update Themes to Latest Version by going Tools > Themes > Update themes to Latest version


Question: What do I do with the 'services.psd' file?

Answer: This needs to be injected as a screen to your custom theme. Once this is injected, it will overwrite the default satelliteTV and cableTv icons with the service icon (Sky for NZ, Foxtel for Aust, and Freeview for both NZ and Aust)


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