TrueCommand fast volume ramping fix

By default the value of the property "Slider Delta" equals to 1. It means that the slider will ramp from value of  0 to 50 in  just 3 seconds. This is the maximum ramp speed.

Setting up the "Slider Delta" to be equal 0.5 will increase the volume ramp time to 6 seconds etc.


To change the default settings:

1. Change the Property "Slider Delta" for the "OSD Volume Slider" element of the "TrueCommand" screens to the value of 0.25 .You need to change this value for all the services. You can use "Find and Replace Property" option to achieve this faster.




2. On the iOS devices you will need to select the check-box "Send Release After Hold" for all volume control buttons on the iOS TrueCommand interface.




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