Getting the most out of your Savant Select Remote (SSR-1000) battery!

Use the settings below to get the most life out of a single charge of your Savant Select Remote:


This is quite a basic change, and you will need to teach your customers how to use the remote once these settings have been changed.


Auto Lock:

Under General > Auto-Lock you want to set this to 1 Minute




Inside the Savant app, set 'Don't Sleep' to Off



Savant Select Remote points to note:

  • The hard buttons on the remote will still work when the iPod is locked/asleep
  • The 'Rosie' button on the remote will turn off the zone on press and hold
  • If you need to use buttons on the iPod, just press the home button and unlock
  • If the Savant app is closed, a press of any hard button on the remote will automatically launch the app.
  • The hard buttons will still work when the Savant app is running in the back ground on the iPod (in multitasking)


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