Enabling the Savant Media Server

Enabling the Savant Media Server

Once you have placed your core Savant components, source device, sync device, and connected them all up follow this short guide to enable the Savant Media Server using iTunes:


1) Go to Tools > Settings > Media Server:



2) Check 'Enable Media Server on Master Controller"

3a) For media that is to reside on an external hard drive select the radio button for external hard drive and fill in the hard drive name:



3b) For media that resides on a Network Attached Storage unit, select the radio button for NAS and fill in: Server Name, IP address, Share Name, Username and Password. Depending on your NAS unit AFP is the preferred mounting type. If APF is not available from your NAS select SMB:



3c) It is highly recommended that you DO NOT store your media on the Master Host itself. This has been known to cause many issues when your customers have large libraries. If you are planning on setting up iTunes match, the media absolutely cannot be stored on the host as this causes the system to preform very slow and have continuous problems. 


4) Generate Services

5) If you have connected your Master Host to a SSV, SSA or SSM  unit via HDMI you will have 4 iTunes services available to you. If you have connected your Master Host to a SSP chassis via HDMI you will have 8 iTunes services available to you, only the first 4 streams will be usable in yours system, unless you connect the Master Host's MiniDisplay port to the HDMI in 2 on your chassis CPU card:



If you would like to set up iTunes Match on your host, please follow our guide on setting this up using the link bellow:



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