How to set up a Messages 'iChat' account

With the introduction of Mountain Lion, Apple has decided to discontinue its iChat service. Luckily Apple was only piggybacking on another popular American instant messenger service: AIM. Messages is the replacement application for iChat, and it functions in the exact same way that iChat did.


Please follow these steps bellow to set up your AIM account and start using Messages for support on your Mac:


Head over to and fill in this form:



After you have signed up, you will need to activate your account via the email that you will receive.


Once your account is activated, open up messages and go to the preferences window. In this window click the Accounts button, and from there click the + button at the lower left hand corner to add a new account. Select the account type AIM and enter your email address and password for the AIM account you have just created:




Once that is done you are all good to go! All you need to now is add the Emersive staff to your buddy list to get support from us via Messages! 


The Emersive contacts are:

Graeme: [email protected]
Sean: [email protected]
Joe: [email protected]
Mariana: [email protected]
Vadim: [email protected]
Ben: [email protected]
Jordan: [email protected]

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