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A Savant app can be set as the only app available on an iOS6 device—iPad®, or iPad® mini, or iPod® touch.

With the iOS6 feature, Guided Access, users can be prevented from exiting a Savant app—such as the SmartLighting app or TrueControl app—or from one of the following themes within TrueControl:

  • TrueImage
  • TrueConference
  • TrueCommand

Guided Access not only limits the iOS device to a single app, but lets you control which app features are available.

This document provides a procedure on setting up Guided Access to:

  • Temporarily restrict iPhone to a particular app
  • Disable areas of the screen that are not relevant to a task, or areas where an accidental gesture might cause a distraction
  • Disable the iPhone hardware buttons
  • Prevent someone from leaving an active session
  • Set whether iPhone can go to sleep during a session.

Locking an iOS Device to a Savant App

To prevent users from exiting the Savant app, do the following.

1. From the home screen of the iOS device, tap the Settings icon to bring up the iOS device's settings window.


2. Tap on General.

3. Go to Accessibility.


4. Slide Guided Access to ON, in the Learning section.

5. If required, slide Enable Screen Sleep to ON—use if you want the iOS device to sleep while in Guided Access mode and pressing power button.

6. Tap Set Passcode.


7. Enter a four-digit numerical passcode. You will be prompted to enter this number again. This passcode will be used to exit a Savant app.

8. Press the home button of the iOS device.

9. Open the Savant App, and navigate to the desired systems instance.

10. Click the home button three times quickly.


11. Configure the Guided Access as required:

Hardware Buttons—The default setting for Guided Access (Always OFF), that is the Home button is disabled.

Touch—OFF means all screen touches will be ignored.

Motion—OFF Keeps iOS device from switching from portrait to landscape or from responding to any other motions.

12. Tap Start.

The Savant App is now the only app that is accessible from this device. If you press the home button, a message will be seen on the iOS device reminding the user that Guided Access is active, and to press the home button three times to exit.

Disabling the Guided Access Option on an iOS6 Device

To allow access to other apps on an iOS6 device that has been locked for a Savant app only, do the following.

1. Tap three times quickly on the home button of the iOS device.

2. Enter the passcode used when first setting up Guided Access.


3. Tap on the top left button labeled End.

Guided Access is now be turned off. A message is displayed to confirm this, as shown in the next screenshot.


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    Chris Bennett

    awesome for the ssr remotes and in wall docks. With a bonus of the reboot of the device still working by holding both buttons down for 5 seconds and the device auto boots back into the savant app - great little idea that.  

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