Controlling Mobotix T24/5 or S15 Output Relay from the Savant UI

In this article we will outline how to create a custom button to enable access control from the Savant UI via the Mobotix T24.

This article assumes that the T24 access control is already setup and working via pass code, proximity card etcetera. Configuring access control within the T24 itself is beyond the scope of this article.

In the test cases we used to develop this method, a "Signal Output Profile" named "~Door" was created in the T24 itself. This "Signal Output Profile" is callable via the HTTP GET method, which is exactly what we have written into the device profile.


You can test the functionality of the output relay in the T24 by typing or pasting the following URL into a web browser:

http://<IP ADDRESS>/control/rcontrol?action=customfunction&action=sigout&profile=~Door

If your T24 requires authentication, use the following URL format instead:

http://<USER>:<PASS>@<IP ADDRESS>/control/rcontrol?action=customfunction&action=sigout&profile=~Door


If loading the URL above successfully actuates the output relay then the following method will work for creating a button in the Savant UI to control door access.



This method requires version >=2.4 of the mobotix_t24ds.xml device profile, as modified by Emersive Tecnologies.

The appropriate device profile version can be downloaded from the link at the bottom of this thread.


1> Enable "Profile Specific Custom Actions" in your Racepoint Preferences.



1> Decide what screen you want to create the "Door Open" button on.

2> Open that screen for editing and drag an appropriate icon from the button/icon library onto the screen.

3> While the Generated Services list is also visible on the screen at the same time as the screen editor window, locate the "General Relay Controlled Device Service" created by the T24 and click "Service Requests".



4> Select the "Door Open" button so that it's properties are visible in the inspector window

5> Drag the "OutputRelay_XXXX_Relay_custom" service request onto the "Push" or "Release" command property of the "Door Open" button.

6> In the action argument property that appears below, enter the name of the Signal Output Profile you want to call. In this screen shot, the Signal Output Profile is called "~Door".



7> Ensure that the login and IP address details for the T24/5 are correct in your layout.

If your T24/5 requires the use of login details (ie it is NOT publicly accessible) then enter the correct details in BOTH the the "Host Name" field AND the "Host Address" field as shown below. Otherwise, if your T24/5 doesn't require login details, then simply use the plain IP address in both places.



...and on the wire....



8> Update screens, save and upload. Your door open button should function.


Please download version 2.4 of the device profile from here:


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