KNX Lighting - What Savant can do

Currently the supported Products running KNX are JUNG. The system requires the IP gateway: JUNG IPS 100 REG


Currently we are only able to use two commands in the KNX system:

  • Brightness
  • Switch

Brightness will give us sliders on the Savant UI and allow us to control the load level. This function seems to act like a Dimmer but must do something differently.

Switch will give us an on/off button on the UI. This is just like using a relay where you have an on position and an off position.

*Scene while this command is written into the Savant profile, and is selectable as an entity in the Data table, it is never generated as a button correctly as the scene button requires some extra arguments that we are not able to populate in the Data table. Therefore if we want to use the Scene command, a CUSTOM workflow has to be manually created for every scene. We do not want Scene to be used in this case. If a scene can be activated using the Switch command, that would be preferable. 


Shade Control

We are able to control shades and blinds via KNX with Savant, but we will not be able to use the Shades table for this in RacePoint. Therefore we have to set up the shades in the Lighting table, resulting in Shade buttons being populated on lighting pages. The reason for this is the Shades table only allows for 5 addresses, where we need 6 to control the shades.


Volume Control using KNX keypads:

If you are wanting a button on the KNX keypads to control volume up and volume down in Savant, the button has to be programmed as a switchThe commands on the button have to be Switch ON on press and Switch OFF on release.

If the keypad has buttons that can act as a 'rocker' then the volume control button has to be separated out into two individual buttons.


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