REM-1000 Demo Mode

Make sure the Remote is off. To turn it off, press and hold the power button located at the top of the Remote. It should take approximately 10 seconds to power down.

  • Press and hold the Mute and Last buttons, then add the Power button while continuing to press and hold all three buttons simultaneously. After a few seconds you will see the Savant logo appear on the screen, release the Power button but continue to press the Mute and Last buttons for a full 10 seconds
  • Once the Remote finishes the startup cycle you will be presented with a menu. Select Demo. If presented with a list of rooms, select Living Room.

When demonstrating the Pro Remote, be sure to highlight the following features:

  • Simple three-pane navigation: Swipe left or right on the touchscreen to access Services, Scenes, and Favorites
  • Voice control: Users can press and hold the Voice Command button and say the name of a scene, favorite channel, or service
  • Learns what you like: Your most-watched channels automatically rise to the top of your Favorites list
  • User profiles: Gives each family member their own personal Remote, with their favorite channels and scenes a tap or voice command away
  • Works with the Savant App: Use the app to manage Favorites and create user profiles, both of which will sync directly to the Remote. Please note that the Remote will not interact with the Savant App while in Demo mode.


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